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What folks have to say about Tina...

"Simply put, [Tina] is the best of class. She was serving as an Online Business Manager before anyone had ever heard of such a thing. She knows more about how to grow an online business than most online business owners. And, most importantly, she has the utmost integrity. She does what she says she’s going to do, and then some.”

– Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid,

"Through conversations with Tina, together we determined that the role I needed filled most next was in truth a full-time Marketing Manager ... and not the second Online Business Manager I thought I needed and had been looking for as my next hire. Tina's mastery regarding Virtual Team Building, Onboarding, and Ongoing Team Management is unparalleled in the industry, and she's my first call as soon as the thought of expanding my team crosses my mind."

– David Neagle, Master Success Coach,

“I came to Tina because , even though I’d successfully created a 7-figure business, I was doing almost everything myself. I could see so many more opportunities to continue to grow this biz but there was literally no-way for that to happen with everything on my plate. I was tapped out.

A close friend introduced me to Tina, and together she really helped me formulate my vision for the company, but more importantly, she opened my eyes to a new way of viewing my business, that would allow me to grow it in the way I wanted, WITHOUT me having to do all the work. I now have systems in place and have rebuilt my team, including hiring an OBM to manage all the day-to-day so I can (finally!) focus on taking my business to the multi 7-figure range.

What makes this so great, is that I now get to focus the majority of my time on the things that I’m best at, enjoy doing the most, and that will have the biggest impact on the growth of my business. If you are looking for someone to help grow your business, while freeing up your time to do what you do best, then Tina is your gal.

Kevin Thompson, Maximum Response Marketing,

"Tina's mastery with our recruitment project was a Godsend! She made a confusing process simple, effortless and even fun. I was blown away at the depths to which Tina understands our industry and was able to help us find the PERFECT candidates. If you're looking to get the right help with your business, whatever level you're at, Tina has to be your #1 choice!"

- Kendall SummerHawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach,

"Tina tackling the mission critical job of helping online entrepreneurs find their ‘just right’ virtual team is going to have long-term, far-reaching and direct impact on who will reach 6 and 7 figures. As a seasoned business coach, this is something my clients must get right or struggle every step of the way. With Tina’s help, they need struggle no longer, and I am grateful extremely grateful.

Tina has a unique 3-pronged perspective that not many can claim.

(1) She’s worked as a virtual support professional for years (was my OBM for many years in fact)
(2) She’s also been the business owner hiring her own team to bust the 6-figure barrier and
(3) She’s supported business owners to build their team for nearly 10 years, using her innate talent to attract, recruit and match special people to special work.

I urge you to tap into Tina’s carefully crafted approach to hiring, and prepare to thrive."

– Andrea J. Lee, CEO The Wealthy Thought Leader,

“I have been on a roll ever since my first consultation with Tina. We spent one hour on the phone putting together a step by step plan that laid out exactly what my team members and I need to do based on my specific goals.

For example, I had been putting off a follow-up project for months because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to approach it…or how I could tie it into other efforts to add value to my prospects and clients. In a snap, Tina laid out exactly what I needed to do, gave me a terrific idea to incentivize my prospects to do something that lifts us both up…and even sent me examples to model.

It made it damn easy to do and I had a hell of a lot of fun following through on it. And to think I put off for 2 1/2 months what my team & I ultimately completed, start to finish, in 2 1/2 hours. I know who to call when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed with the many balls I keep in the air. Thank you, Tina!”

Carolyn Herfurth, The Biztruth, LLC,

"Tina knows what makes someone a great virtual support professional – she’s been one, she trains them and more importantly she knows how to help entrepreneurs find the right virtual support team they need.”

– Kelly O’Neil, Marketing to Millionaires,

"Tina Forsyth is hands down the MASTER at determining which VA or OBM model works for your business. My consulting work with her taught me so much about subtleties and nuances in the VA and OBM hiring process and structure that are just the ‘upgrade’ my business needed. It’s almost like Tina’s a ‘VA Intuitive’ who can really feel just what works for your business. And work it does! I’m on the way to the next level now … so thanks, Tina!”

- Suzanne Falter-Barns,